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Rosario Dawson banged and jizzed on

Saturday, December 3rd, 2016

Busty Rosario Dawson going wild with a horny pal

Rosario Dawson is enjoying her single status so much that hooking up with any man she fancies is easy. Just like this ordinary day for her and a new acquaintance who made one hot comment about her huge tits and they ended up on the bed, fucking hard and rough in various naughty positions. Dawson knows that her twins are either her weapons or charm but they surely picked up one horny man who she had fun messing around with and with whom she enjoyed giving blowjob to when it’s actually one of the things she doesn’t enjoy much as it strains her jaw. But watch and you be the judge to how fitting that lovely mouth is when wrapped around a huge cock like this dude’s.

Rosario Dawson gets her hairy pussy banged deep

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Feisty Rosario Dawson may have been arrested at some point during a protest she participated in during President George W. Bush’s term but she is a fan of another type of bush and you’re all going to get the biggest surprise of your lives. Most would be drooling over bald pussies but Dawson has her cunt quite hairy and wanted her men to work the extra effort digging in, if you know what I mean. Sometimes she gets more excited when her man would play around her pubes, making her squirm and giggle until his fingers reaches her clit and they make it erect in an instant. And as soon as she’s hard like a man with a stiff cock, she’d beg to be fucked, like how this horny dude would do, ramming himself as deep as he could, for as long as they can take the heat.

Rosario Dawson in kinky homemade porn

And because Dawson was so pleased, she gives this jock one hot head, making him explode cum all over her face. She ain’t protesting about whatever now, she’s pretty satisfied with the performance of this sexy fuck buddy of hers that she made him cum faster than any of the girls he slept with.

Nude movie scenes of Rosario Dawson from the film Alexander

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

In all of Rosario Dawson’s career as an actress, appearing in the epic film Alexander with Colin Farrell had everyone talking about her and it’s not just about her acting but it was the scenes she made for the movie while playing the role of Alexander the Great’s bride. There was a scene in the movie where she and Colin are about to make sweet love to each other and as Rosario got naked, man those big pair of tits were awesome! And the sex scene between the two actors is just too hot to handle as well.

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